APR 14: Chaotic prey drop-- Both eaglets and both adults at nest

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APR 14: Chaotic prey drop-- Both eaglets and both adults at nest

I arrived at about 9:00 AM, joining two other watchers, and observed for a little over an hour. At first only two eaglets were present, one on the nest and the other roosting on the nest support branch in front of the nest. The one which was roosting then joined his sibling on the nest. Both seemed to anticipate the arrival of a meal.

At about 9:45 AM both adults suddenly flew to the nest tree. The male (Pride) landed in the nest and both eaglets nearly attacked as if they expected a prey drop. Then the adults both flew away but soon returned. The female (Jewel) roosted on the branch as Pride attempted to drop the prey item.

The exchange was chaotic. Both eaglets attacked fiercely, driving Pride back. The older eaglet then crouched down over the prey and spread her wings to guard it while the younger eaglet settled down behind her.

When I departed, both eaglets were eating and one adult remained at the roost. I got terrible photos because the action occurred so fast and I did not have the best vantage point. The number of observers totaled seven by the time I left.