APRIL 12: Wet female, both eaglets and nest damage

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APRIL 12: Wet female, both eaglets and nest damage

On Monday April 12 I arrived at the nest around 8:45 AM and watched until 10:15 AM. There had been heavy rain with strong winds overnight. Observers agreed that the nest had suffered some damage to the right (west) side, with nesting materials sagging and the nest bole appearing to have tilted somewhat towards the left.

The female adult Jewel was roosting in the usual spot in the tall Australian Pine on the corner of Pines & 208th. She was obviously wet and bedraggled. Feathers were in disarray with barbs detatched. She fluffed and pruned until her plumage was back in shape.

Then she flew out to pick some fresh leaves from the top of a pine and returned briefly to deposit them on the nest.

Jewel then flew out to the NW and within 15 minutes returned with a fish (I missed the shot). She fed the two eaglets. I only obtained a couple of views clearly showing both eaglets. They were begging just as she arrived with the fish.