APRIL 14: Both parents and 2 eaglets on nest, feeding

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APRIL 14: Both parents and 2 eaglets on nest, feeding

We brought our granddaughters to see the eagle nest at about 11:15 AM on Friday APR 14 and watched for about 45 minutes.

The girls had reason to celebrate!

Both adults were on the nest with the 2 eaglets. The eaglets were calling loudly and begging. The male was on the right feeding the smaller one and the female and larger eaglet were facing to the left.

All four were eating or tearing at prey. We could see that the male had a large bird with white feathers and it was already down to the bones, but the smaller eaglet enjoyed undivided attention while his sibling seemed very occupied with her mother. Then the older one turned around and tried to get food from the male.

The smaller sibling was intimidated and backed off but there was no confrontation.

The male parent seemed to admonish the intruder and she went back to taking food from her mother.