APRIL 17: Second eaglet not seen (again)

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APRIL 17: Second eaglet not seen (again)

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Philip Martin writes (April 17 2020):

Good morning Ken,

I stopped by the nest this morning and observed the female adult perched to the right of the nest and one Eaglet below her looking around. I only stayed for a couple minutes.


(Ken replies: I could only find one eaglet in the nest on April 11 but this was very possibly just after a feeding. Probably no cause for alarm, but please let us know if anyone sees the second eaglet)

Phil's photo:

Interestingly, I saw an adult Bald Eagle early this morning (April 17), in west Miramar wetlands about 1.5 miles southeast of the nest, flying in the direction of the nest and carrying an unidentified prey item. Based on its large body, long wings and the lack of a black outer tail feather, I think this was the Pembroke Pines female (Jewel). She passed right over my head at 7:10 AM, which is less than 15 minutes after sunrise, against a rather dark cloudy sky. At ISO 16,000 and shutter speed of 1/2000 second, the photos are very poor.



On April 16, just around sunrise at 6:52 AM, this immature Bald Eagle flew over in west Miramar. It traveled directly to south from north. It appears to be an early second year bird (just over  one year old) as evidenced by molting of flight feathers, white-ish "wingpits", dark head and rather uniform white blotcchingof breast and belly.