APRIL 25: Both eaglets doing well.

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APRIL 25: Both eaglets doing well.

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I visited the nest this morning (April 25) from 8:30 AM - 9:40 AM. No adults were seen the entire time. The female eaglet was readily visible but the smaller male was down low and I only saw his head a few times.

This was the best shot I could get showing the two together. These are the 24th and 25th eaglets known to have hatched in this nest. The female (P Piney 24) is on the left and the male (P Piney 25) is to the left:

The intervening vegetation makes it difficult to see them. These are images of P Piney 24. She is about 6 weeks old today (~42 days). Over the years the eaglets at this nest have fledged at an average age of 75.5 days (Median Age of ~73 days:

Yesterday morning just after sunrise (about 7:00 AM) the female parent (Jewel) flew over the west Miramar wetlands about 1.5 miles SE of the nest:

A little later that morning, Phil Martin visited the nest and got a nice photo and made an interesting observation. He wrote (April 23):

Hi Ken,

I made it out to the nest at approximately 11:45 and observed the female feeding both Eaglets. It appears she is bringing them the prey and they are eating on their own.