APRIL 29: Both Eaglets continuously present

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APRIL 29: Both Eaglets continuously present

Phil Martin Has been keeping close watch during my absence. He reported (APR 28 2019) that he was at the nest at 4:30 PM.

"The male Eaglet was perched above the nest and the female was perched on a branch below and east of the nest. This past week I have made several trips to the nest each day. There was nothing unusual to document. Both Eaglets were either perched at the nest or in the general area. Pride has been making food drops at the nest a couple times per day. I only saw the adult female once on 042719. Pride made a lunch drop at the nest and she flew by right behind him. Neither landed at the nest and both immediately departed the area." 

Photos are property of Philip Martin and are used with his permission.

(Then on APR 29)

"Hi Ken, I was at the nest at 11:30 and Pride just brought lunch. Both Eaglets were present and went to perch above the nest. Pride watched them eat before he departed to the east.