AUG 24: Pride on nest

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AUG 24: Pride on nest

Phil Martin has sent a photo and makes an interesting observation about the timing of nest activity. He writes (AUG 24):

I visited the nest at 09:35 this morning and Pride was standing on the nest. After a few minutes he hopped up to his favorite perch.

I have been at the nest almost everyday, in the past 10 days, between 8:30 & 10:00.  Today is the first day I saw activity.

I have been reviewing my notes and comparing them with the observations at the North Fort Meyers nest. I find our pair are approximately 2-3 weeks behind them. The NFM Bald Eagles returned to their nest and began "nestorations" approximately a week ago. I will make sure to stop at our nest more often.

Photo by Phillip Martin is used with his permission.