Adult seen in Davie, May 27 & June 2 2019

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Adult seen in Davie, May 27 & June 2 2019

Al wrote (June 2 2019:

Hello Ken ,
I have sighted a mature ( possibly female ) bald Eagle on my lake. I live in Davie and have seen this Eagle twice now. The first sighting was on Memorial day May 27 , 2019 approximately 7pm. It circled the lake I live on and flew west. The second sighting was tonight June 2 , 2019 approximately 6:30pm.
this time I believe it may have grabbed a duckling.

Do you think this was one of the Pembroke pines Eagles ? I have never seen an Eagle on my lake in the 17 years I lived here. I have visited the pp nest several years ago. I'm curious to know your thoughts and if there have been any other sightings of this Eagle. Thank you.

My reply:

Hi, Al--

Since the eagles are finishing up their breeding season they are apt to move around. The south Florida adults tend to wander in their general territories but the juveniles and other immature birds start to fly north where the water is cooler and fish are easier to find. (In Florida the fish seek cooler and deeper water). So it is likely that the adult is relatively local.

Some lakes have experienced fish die-offs and the eagles are scavenging them, so adults may appear in unusual places. Actually the active nest closest to you would be almost directly south, to the east of Dolphin Stadium, about 8 miles away in Miami-Dade County. This is nest designated DA981 (Temporary, Florida Audubon Eagle Watch monitored) or DA009 (FWC monitored). A contractor allegedly applied for a permit to remove the nest but I never heard the result. Two fledged eaglets and two adults were present in late April, 2019.  

The Pembroke Pines nest BO002 is a bit more to the southwest of your position, 12 miles away , and the Deerfield Beach nest BO003 is 16 miles away to the north. The adult may have come from any of these, or may have been a wanderer from a greater distance to the south.