April 23: Eaglets doing well

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April 23: Eaglets doing well

Phil Martin sent this photo today He writes (April 23 2020):

Hi Ken, I was at the nest at 10:15 this morning. Pride was on the perch above the nest and the female was in the nest eating with both Eaglets.

It appears the Eaglets are eating on their own. In this photo the Female is down low in the nest.


Yesterday (April 22), Phil obtained a great photo. He wrote (April 22)

Good morning Ken,
I was out to the nest at 8:00 this morning. I observed the female feeding one of the Eaglets ( I did see both Eaglets).

Once she finished feeding, she departed to the East.

Also I saw the male flying over west Miramar around sunrise on April 21. The small size, more shallow gape and also the worn primary feathers at the tip ('hand") of his left wing, which I noticed at the nest site during the past month, help identify him.