April 28-May 2 Photos and Cottonmouth near nest

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April 28-May 2 Photos and Cottonmouth near nest

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Phil Martin has obtained some nice photos. I have not had such good luck. He wrote, on April 28:

I was at the nest at 11:00 today and all 4 Bald Eagles were in the nest eating. The Eaglets were feeding themselves. After a few minutes, Pride went to the perch above the nest.

Then, on April 30, 2020, Phil reported:

I went out to the nest at 2:45, after the stormy weather subsided. The nest appeared to have sustained some minor damage. The Eaglets were safe, you can see both in the nest photo. Pride was at the nest and departed to the west shortly after I arrived.

This morning (May 2, 2020) at 6:37 about 5 minutes BEFORE sunrise  Pride flew over west Miramar from the nest area towards the big lake in Sunset Lakes. Notice the damage or molting of the feathers on his left wingtip:

On May 1, a venemous Cottonmouth Moccasin emerged from the ditch along the sidewalk in front of the nest and crossed the sidewalk in front of me. I gave it a wide berth. They are usually not aggressive unless disturbed. Most bites occur because a person steps on one or reaches blindly into vegetation (as while trimming hedges). This snake was about to shed its skin-- note that its eyes are covered by a layer of dead skin.