Audubon Florida Eagle Watch Report, 2016-2017

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Audubon Florida Eagle Watch Report, 2016-2017

Audubon Florida Eagle Watch Report, 2016-2017

Just as nesting season began in Florida last year, I joined the Audubon Florida team to lead our Bald Eagle conservation efforts. I am proud to be part of EagleWatch, the premier citizen science initiative that works to protect eagles and their critical nesting habitat. Through EagleWatch, Audubon leverages the power and passion of volunteers to protect a species that was once on the brink of extinction. Last year, I shared in the experience of hundreds of volunteers who monitor eagle nests around the state as they reported their observations. The data we collect help track the health of Florida’s eagle population and inform conservation decisions.

Even more exciting - last year was a good nesting season.
But Bald Eagles in Florida continue to face pressures from loss of nesting and foraging habitat and human disturbance. I have learned that it is not enough to just protect eagles and their nests. We must also plan for long-term protection of the waterways where eagles fish and the old pine trees where future generations will nest and fledge their young.

I am proud to be part of Audubon’s larger conservation efforts. Our work to create a healthy future for all birds helps ensure that species like the Bald Eagle never return to the endangered species list. Thank you to our EagleWatch volunteers, supporters, and partners for all you do to help protect eagles and educate others about these remarkable birds. It is truly my honor to work alongside you in this great conservation effort!

Shawnlei Breeding
EagleWatch Manager