August 15, 16, 17 and 25: Adult eagles over west Miramar

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August 15, 16, 17 and 25: Adult eagles over west Miramar

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Adults continue to be seen over western Miramar, about 1.5 miles to SE of the nest, usually just around sunrise.

August 25: (2) Female adult (Jewel) flying the usual track from north west to south east over the west Broward Water Conservation area at 7:47 AM:  

Second, smaller adult followed same course about 3-4 minutes behind at 7:50 AM. Presumably the male (Pride):

August 17: One adult flying usual course over the wetlands at 6:56 which is one minute after sunrise. Adult may be the female (Jewel):

An interesting association!

August 16: One adult which appeared to be the male from the Pembroke Pines on the usual course from northwest to southeast. This was at 6:50 AM which is four minutes before sunrise.

Then at 6:54 AM which is the time of sunrise a second adult flew along the same course but parallel to the west over the lake. This one looked like the larger female.

August 16: Adult soaring above Monaco Cove lake in Sunset Lakes subdivision at about 10:00 AM. No photo.

August 15: 6:56 AM An adult one minute after sunrise over the wetlands, no photos