Both Eaglets in the Nest Tree Sat AM

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Both Eaglets in the Nest Tree Sat AM

KellyHeffernan Proj Perch
To the Eagle Forum -

There was a confirmed sighting of both eaglets in the nest tree this
morning, Saturday.  One eaglet was in the nest and one was on a branch
above the nest.  Pictures were taken and can be provided to Ken for

Thanks - Kelly

Kelly Heffernan
SFAS's Project Perch
(978) 412-5313

> 12:30-1:30 on Sat.  Adult dropped some kind of prey in the nest for the
> single baby in the nest, but it wasn't interested.  After about 5 mins a
> fledgling flew from the nest area, towards the power lines and back to the
> trees about 50 feet to the west of the nest and out of sight.  There was
> brief "crashing" sounds, but they didn't seem to indicate falling.  The
> nest
> appeared empty, but within 5 minutes there was another baby in the nest.
> I
> could have been mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that the nest was empty for
> at
> least a brief period- I did not have binoculars, so could have missed one
> if
> it was sitting in the back.  At some point the second adult appeared and
> all
> seemed relaxed.  There were a few bouts of babies vocalizing, at times
> there
> were clearly 2 babies vocalizing at the same time- the one in the nest and
> the other off to the east and out of sight. Both parents were hanging out
> and did not seem agitated at all.
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