DEC 19: New nest is taking shape

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DEC 19: New nest is taking shape

Both members of the pair have been working hard, bringing in branches, bunches of tall grass stalks and clumps of sod. For the past few days they have selected live Melaleuca and Australian Pine branches, leaves and all. This may suggest that they are working to carpet  the central platform. So far there have been no reports of them copulating. Egg laying usually starts about a week following successful copulation.

I arrived at the site at about 9:00 AM. Earlier observers had seen quite a bit of action. No eagles were present, but male (Pride) soon flew in to roost in the tallest tree near the corner of Pines & 208th:

He started calling as if he saw the female (Jewel). After several minutes she flew in to the nest:

The nest is partially out of view, but it has greatly increased in bulk:


Jewel is to the left:

Pride carried branches in his beak:

Jewel hunted for branches rather widely:

She came up with a small twig:

Pride arrives with a stick:

Jewel delivers a branch: