Difference Between Male And Female Bald Eagles

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Difference Between Male And Female Bald Eagles

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"...Thus, the difference between male and female bald eagles is quite apparent but only if you examine the two very closely. With reference to their magnitude, female surpass the male bald eagles since they are big enough to be recognized easily. As compare to the male bald eagles, females are bigger by nearly 3 to 5 inches and reaching up to a size of almost 37 inches. Out of the four talons, one is at the rear called hallux while the rest are standing in front of the bird. So the male bald eagles have normally shorter hallux than their counterparts. Likewise, males usually have not as deep beaks as the female bald eagles have and the depth is gauged by measuring the distance from the uppermost part of the beak downwards, right toward the chin area. It is the common difference between male and female eagles. Besides, the sounds of two eagles may be another determining factor since the frequency of sounds varies greatly. It is evident that male bald eagle normally have high pitch sound as compare to the females.

"Last but not the least, the general difference between male and female eagles may be spotted by the variation in the approach of respective genders since females are relatively less violent than male eagles..."

The site includes a video that compares the male and female Decorah eagles. It mentions subtle differences in plumage that apply only to this particular pair, probably not useful for other individuals. Remember when the Pembroke Pines male had brown feathers in its tail? However, we could look for minor differences that can help us separate the sexes of our pair. Lacking a nest cam, our observations are from a greater distance and, truth be told, I often have trouble separating the sexes unless they are roosting together.