Eagle Nest Camera in Iowa-- just laying eggs FEB 26

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Eagle Nest Camera in Iowa-- just laying eggs FEB 26

Bob Andrini, President of Kane County (Illinois) Audubon Society sent this e-mail with a link to an excellent nest camera view of the incubating adult. The site contains links to other nest cameras. You must first view a commercial, but it is worth the wait! (Attracting advertisers helps support the site)

This is a live 24-hour camera that's on an eagles' nest in Iowa.  

They're expecting them to lay eggs any day now (last year, she laid 3!), and then it takes about 35 days for them to hatch.  We've seen some pretty amazing--and sometimes rather graphic--footage of them having dinner, building the nest up, and sharpening their beaks.  

The kids are glued to this, and we are too...we've found that the best times to catch them in their nest are right around daybreak, at lunch, and early evening.  Enjoy!

IOWA EAGLE NEST CAMERA (be sure to view it with full screen!

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