EagleWatch Volunteer Trainings and Other News

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EagleWatch Volunteer Trainings and Other News

EagleWatch Volunteer Trainings and Other News

Here is an announcement from Shawnlei Breeding, Audubon EagleWatch Program Manager


Thank you to those who have already registered to attend an upcoming online EagleWatch Volunteer Training. Trainings are free and attendance at a training is required for all new volunteers. If you joined mid-season in 2020, I would encourage you to attend as well. Returning veteran volunteers are not required to attend but are welcome to do so as a refresher and to hear updates for the season. Our first virtual training is this weekend! If you wish to attend, register soon to reserve your spot!

Here are the scheduled training dates along with the link to register (registration is required):

Saturday September 5th 10am-12pm. Register here:


 Sunday Sept 13th 2-4pm. Register here:


 Saturday Sept 19th 10am-12pm. Register here:


 Saturday Sept 26th 10am-12pm. Register here:


 Sunday Oct 4th, 2-4pm. Register here:


If you have friends, relatives, or neighbors who might be interested in volunteering, feel free to share these dates with them or have them contact me via email for more information.

Reminder for current volunteers: the nest observation form used during the 2020 season is currently closed and is not accepting new submissions. We expect to have the 2021 nest observation form ready within the week! I will send out a follow-up email to active volunteers with the information to access the new form. So hold tight on any new observations you have for this season. You can back-enter them once the 2021 form goes live. Thank you for your patience!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I’m here to help!

Shawnlei Breeding
Audubon EagleWatch Program Manager

Audubon Center for Birds of Prey
1101 Audubon Way
Maitland, FL 32751