Eagles seen in Cooper City March-April 2016

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Eagles seen in Cooper City March-April 2016

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A resident has reported Bald Eagles occasionally roosting in western Cooper City, in the area SE of the intersection of Griffin Rd and South Flamingo Avenue, about a half mile southeast of Griffin Elementary School.

There were two adults, one larger than the other, presumably the female of a pair. FWC was summoned to check for the presence of a nest but none was found in the vicinity.

They have been seen roosting late in the day and also flying out in a northwesterly direction. If you live in that area you might keep an eye out. Even if they do not have a nest they may be scouting out a location for one to use next breeding season.

Here are excerpts of two posts to the FORUM from late in 2015, reasonably close to this location.

A bald eagle was seen and photographed flying around Wolf Lake, Davie. It was around September 2015, in the beginning of breeding season. This is about 3 miles due east of the Cooper City location.


Also in December 2015 a mature bald eagle was reported in the cow pasture in Davie on Flamingo and 26th: "eagle was sitting in the field, when I stopped the car (on 121st just north of 26th) the eagle flew about 100 yards a landed close to the horse barn, I observed for about 5 minutes before moving on..."  [I assume this was SW 26th St/Court, about 2 miles NW of the Cooper City location]