FEB 12: Eaglets being fed but not seen

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FEB 12: Eaglets being fed but not seen

We arrived at the nest at about 9:30 Sunday morning to find both adult iat the nest. The female (Jewel) was brooding on the nest and the male (Pride) was roosting on the supporting branch just to the right of the nest.

Jewel flew off to roost in the pine just to the east almost immediately, and Pride took over tending the nest.

Pride spent much time standing and looking down. He appeared to be picking up small bits of prey and then ducking down to feed one or more eaglets.

We could not see the eaglets although we did get photos of the food particles. In two shots there is the suggestion of the top of a fuzzy head but we really are not sure it was an eaglet.

Note the fuzz just to right of Pride's bill as he is reaching down:

Le't be on the lookout for the bobble heads!