FEB 21: Pride brought prey; immature eagle near nest

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FEB 21: Pride brought prey; immature eagle near nest

The female (Jewel) was guarding the nest this morning when we arrived at about 9:30 AM. She was roosting on the flimsy branch at the very top of the nest tree. Her mate was not in sight. We saw no sign of eaglets in the nest.

The male (Pride) arrived about 30 minutes later with a prey item and fed the eaglet(s) on the far left rear of the nest with his back to us. At no time could we see any eaglets, but we know there was at least one being fed.

On our early morning walk I had an immature (appearing to be about 2 years old) fly over my head at about 1/2 hour after sunrise. It was flying low from west to east over the west Mirarmar wetlands about 1 1/2 mile SE of the nest.


It made a turn to the north along SW 196th and disappeared, only to reappear flying back south with another eagle chasing it. The second eagle seemed to make a pass at the younger bird, seemingly driving it away. I could not determine the age of the new bird as it turned back immediately and disappeared to the north. It is possible that it was one of the adults from the Pembroke Pines nest, as this is within their foraging territory. There is no was to know for sure. The immature kept flying south towards the large lake in Sunset Lakes subdivision.