FEB 29, MAR 6: Eagles incubating and active

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FEB 29, MAR 6: Eagles incubating and active

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At 8:00 AM on February 29, an adult flew over the west Miramar Wetlands heading NW towards the Pembroke Pines nest. It appears to be the female, Jewel, judging by bulk, head shape and gape which extends back under the eye:

Later, Phil reported "I was at the nest this morning around 10:00 and Pride was perched on 208 and the Female was in the nest as if incubating eggs." He provided a  nice photo of the male (Pride), and pointed out his unique identifying feature, a single dark feather near the right edge of his tail:

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On Mar 6, 2020, at 4:28 PM, Phillip Martin wrote:

Hi Ken,

I was at the nest today at approximately 12:50.  I observed one adult in the nest. I could not determine which one it was. My view was obstructed by the pine straw. I didn’t take photos.