FEB 8: No reported sightings of eaglets at PP nest

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FEB 8: No reported sightings of eaglets at PP nest

I watched the nest for over an hour from 8:45 to 10:00 AM on February 8, hoping to see an eaglet. When I arrived, I immediately heard the calls of two adult eagles. One seemed to be from the nest tree and the other was from somewhat higher and beyond. I found the female (Jewel) roosting alone, rather  high above the nest, which appeared to be empty. I thought that maybe a prey drop had occurred and was the cause of the calling.

Jewel suddenly flew out to the east behind the trees. Then I saw the top of the male's head just above the nest rim. He never got up any higher during my whole period of observation. If a food drop had happened, the adult on the nest usually becomes occupied with tearing the prey and feeding, but no such activity occurred.

I assumed that Jewel had flown away, but at about 9:30 I heard calling from rather deep in the trees to the east of the nest. Pride did not respond and I looked for the source. An adult flew up and disappeared to the east. About ten minutes later I saw Jewel roosting on the tall pine on the SW corner of Pines & 208th. She remained there until I departed a little after 10:00 AM. All this time, Pride remained deep in the nest.

Saturday February 8 was the fifth week after ground observers first noted that the adults were sitting high as if "tenting" an eaglet. There were wind storms on January 10 about a week afterwards. There appeared to be some damage to the right side of the nest and the parents were adding and moving nest materials as if possibly restoring part of the structure. This activity raised the wall on the north side of the nest, making it difficult to see the contents.

Feeding of one or more eaglets was suspected by some observers on January 25, but no eaglets were seen. They usually stick up their heads by the time they are 2-3 weeks old. I am concerned about the status of the eagles. Is it  possible that the pair now has a second clutch of eggs because of loss of the first brood? Please keep an eye out for the eaglets.