Friday, March 16: More eagle shots from this afternoon

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Friday, March 16: More eagle shots from this afternoon


When I visited the nest at about 2:00 PM today there were no adults in sight. Mike was already there and said he had been observing for more than 3/4 hour. The eaglet was picking at some prey but appeared not to be satisfied, as it called out repeatedly.

After about 10 minutes, just as Barry and Steven appeared on the scene, an adult arrived with unknown prey. Within a few minutes a second adult came in with a fish.

Both adults tore at the prey, and then the male continued to feed the eaglet. The female appeared to be the one that flew off to the east.

After a while the male flew to the tree to the east,...

...then roosted above the nest for a while.

Finally the male took flight and soared and circled high above our heads for a good 5-10 minutes. I must have taken 100 photos of it as it soared and wheeled in the sky-- so many that I'll have to go over them another day!