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From: "Thomas Sease" <[hidden email]>
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Sent: Sunday, May 4, 2014 3:08:11 PM
Subject: Sunday, 5/4 in Vero Beach

Saw this eagle over the house here in Vero Beach this afternoon (5/4): 
Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2014 6:19 AM
Subject: SAT APR 26 - Both eaglets soaring - leg injury to one?
I watched the nest for a little over an hour beginning at 9:45 AM on Saturday APR 26. At fitsr only one eaglet was in sight, roosting in the favorite roost in the Australian Pine along the road just east of the nest tree. It called at intervals, but I heard no answering calls. Then it flew out to the west above the road and circled several times over the Post Office area, soon returning to roost in the same spot. Then, when I was just getting back in the car to leave, it took flight and was quickly joined by the other eaglet. They soared together high above the nest,

I noticed something odd -- one of the second eaglet's legs appeared to be dragging out behind her.This brings to mind something that one of the ground observers said several weeks ago. He said that the younger eaglet seemed to have an injury to her leg. I never noticed anything like this-- has anyone else?

Bald Eaglet roosting 3-20140426

Bald Eaglet in flight 2-20140426

Bald Eaglet landing1 20140426

Bald Eaglet landing4 20140426

Bald Eaglet in flight 3-20140426

Bald Eaglets soaring 20140426

Bald Eaglet odd leg 20140426


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