High winds buffet nest JAN 4-10; restoration JAN 11

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High winds buffet nest JAN 4-10; restoration JAN 11

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Phil watched the nest on Wednesday (JAN 8) around 4 PM and could see one of the adults through the nest structure in the strong wind. He believed that the adult was staying deep in the nest to protect the eaglet(s) which we think began to  hatch around JAN 4.

On Friday JAN 10 I watched the nest for over an hour from before 9:00 until after 10:00 AM. There were high winds although it was not very cold (about 70F). I assumed that one of the adults was deep in the nest but I never was able to see the top of a head or movement between the nest sticks. My assumption was that the birds were "hunkering down" as the trees and branches swayed rather violently.

I was concerned that some of the nest material had fallen off the right (west) side of the nest:

On Saturday (JAN 11) I arrived at 10:40 and watched until 11:10 AM. Both adults were on the nest. The male (Pride) was over on the right side and appeared to be tearing at a prey item and also moving his head down as if possibly feeding an eaglet as the female (Jewel) looked on:

Jewel then flew up to roost to the right of the nest, while Pride started moving sticks:

Jewel flew down and the two adults worked together moving sticks:

They briefly exchanged bill-snapping as if they did not agree on where to place a stick (Pride is to the left):

When I departed they both were resting high in the nest (Pride is to the right behind Jewel):