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How to include photos in your post

It is actually quite easy to post images, provided you are signed into the FORUM. The images should be in JPEG or JPG format.  (Other file types may also be accepted, but not RAW images). There are two basic ways to include photos in your post:

1. Post photo from your computer.

Load them unto your computer and know how to find their location in the disk. You should crop and edit the photo as desired, and save it with a file name that is easily recognized.

Just click on the "Insert Image" button above your post, and then select "Choose File." This will allow you to search your hard drive and select the desired photo. After you select your image, you need to re-size it as it will probably be too big to display on the computer screen. Pick the "Medium" or "Big" size and allow the image to "float."  Then click on "Insert Image." This places a line of Nabble code in your message. You can then select "Preview Message" to view the image and  be sure it looks the way you want it to. If OK, then simply "Post Message."

2. Post photos from an Internet Web page.

If your image is already on an internet photo sharing web page such as FLICKR, simply copy the image's web location (URL). The image must be in JPG or JPEG format, so do not simply copy it directly from its initial presentation format.  In FLICKR, left click on the photo and choose the desired size image-- 640 or 800 px works fine. Then display the chosen size-- this will now have a URL that ends in .jpg-- simply right-click to copy the image's URL. Paste the URL into the box in the FORUM "Insert Image"  menu.

Again, in order to see the photo posting menu you must register into the FORUM using the link at the top of the web page. You may remain anonymous.