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How to post photos to FORUM

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You must be a "Member" of this FORUM to allow you to reply or post new topics and upload your photos. You must first register and subscribe (if desired) and then request membership in the pop-up which should appear if you attempt to post. If you have problems, please contact: NewMexiKen

The procedure for posting photos provides two alternatives-- either post a photo from your computer or device or, if your photo is published on the Internet, you may post the address (URL) of your photo. In the latter case, be sure that the photo is JPG format. The address must end in ".jpg" or it will not display.

Be sure to "resize" the image, as the original may be larger than the size of the screen.

Let the image "float," which lets you decide where you might wish to place it if you are including text or captions.

Post in the appropriate sub-forum.

The menu for posting photos is fairly straightforward:

First, select the appropriate sub-FORUM in which to post your photo (e.g., a specific nest, a sighting away from a known nest, or others as listed) .

New Topic --> Insert Image --> choose either to upload from your computer or copy the image's address from the internet

If you do choose the latter option, the display photo on many sites such as Facebook or Flicker etc may not be in JPG format, so you may need to click on it to view it in a separate window which may be JPG or provide options such as format or size. Just be sure that the URL ends in ".jpg"

If you watermark your photos, please try to place the mark so that it does not detract from the subject of your photo.