JAN 15: Nest construction continues at a slower pace

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JAN 15: Nest construction continues at a slower pace

I visited the new nest on mornings twice earier this week-- on Sunday (JAN 10) and yesterday (JAN 14). Both times I failed to see the eagles. Luis had not seen them since Saturday JAN 9. This morning  JAN 15) I got there early, about 7:30 AM and immedialtely heard both eagles calling loudly. Anel had just gotten there ahead of me and saw both adults. They flew to the west. Then one adult (possibly Jewel) came back to the nest carrying a fresh branch with leaves, and Pride came in at least twice, carrying a stick and then green foliage. Then, at about 8:45 AM both adults disappeared. About 15-20 minutes later Jewel suddenly flew in, calling and settled on a tree to the west near the old nest. She stayed in place for more than a half hour and was there when I departed at about 9:45 AM.

The nest has grown very large. The platform (bole) is the highest part of the structure, to the right (west) and not easy to see unless the wind blows the branches away. Sticks now completely fill the space between the two main support branches. The excess material to the left may well provide a more stable foundation, anchoring the structure to the tree trunk (I hope so).  

Jewel was in the nest as Pride brought in the branches.

Jewel roosting:

Jewel sat for some nice portraits: