JAN 18 & 19: No eaglets seen at Pines nest to date

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JAN 18 & 19: No eaglets seen at Pines nest to date

So far there have been no sightings of an eaglet or documentation of feeding behavior. I visited the nest on the morning of January 18 at about 10:00 AM and found both adults on the nest. The female (Jewel) flew out to the east and returned a minute later, carrying in some grass for nest lining. Two other observers saw them eating in the nest earlier but could not confirm that there was any feeding of eaglet(s). The nest rim is very high and it is difficult to obtain a good view. Gusty winds also interfere with observations. Both adults moved nesting material. I saw no sign of an eaglet or feeding activity.

Jewel roosting while Pride sits high on nest:

Jewel joined him on the nest. Pride often looked down into the nest, possibly tending to an eaglet but did not appear to be feeding:

Both worked to re-position a large stick:

On January 19, Phil reported, and provided this photo:

I was at the nest this morning at approximately 9:53 (I haven’t been to the nest all week). This morning I observed the Male at the high perch, above the nest and the Female below him.  I could not see any activity in the nest bowl.