JAN 2: Incubation exchange and possible eaglet?

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JAN 2: Incubation exchange and possible eaglet?

On January 2, I watched the nest from about 9:30 to 10:10 AM Pride was sitting high.
His shoulders sometimes were above the nest rim as if possibly "tenting," a possible sign that an eaglet may have hatched. and was busy, looking down and also moving sticks.

We did not see the female. but at around 9:50 Pride started looking up as if the female were approaching or perhaps roosting unseen above the nest. There was no calling. I had some work to do at home and started to walk to the car.

Suddenly Pride flew out and disappeared to the north. You can see the dark feather at the right outer tail which helps identify hin:

    I then checked the nest and was surprised to find the female (Jewel) sitting rather high. An incubation exchange had occurred. Was there an eaglet present? Do not know.