JAN 25: Eaglet(s) being fed but not seen

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JAN 25: Eaglet(s) being fed but not seen

Phil reported that he  was at the nest at 12:00 noon on January 24. "I observed the male in the nest. After a couple minutes he jumped to the branch above the nest to join the female. They copulated and both remained on the branch until my departure at approximately 12:15."

It is not unusual for the eagles to attempt copulation after laying the eggs and while there are eaglets in the nest, reinforcing the pair bond. Phil's photo:

I visited the nest at about 10:45 AM on January 25 and met Phil and another observer. They had been watching the nest for about two hours. They saw much activity, including a prey drop and clear indication that the adults were feeding one or more eaglets in the nest. The eaglet(s) were out of sight, but viewing is difficult because of intervening foliage and the high rim and deeper nest.

I only saw the female, sitting high: