JAN 28: Eaglets being fed but not seen at 9:05 AM

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JAN 28: Eaglets being fed but not seen at 9:05 AM

It was cold (53 degrees F) and wind blowing 10 MPH from the North-northwest when I arrived at 9:05 AM and watched until 9:35. The sky was cloudy and blowing branches often obscured the nest, poor for photograpy.

The male (Pride) was on the nest but almost immediately his mate (Jewel) flew in from the left (east).

I could not tell if she had any prey, but Pride had already been working on a prey item and appeared to be feeding an unseen eaglet just in front of him near the center of the nest, as Jewel watched:

Pride then flew up to the right nest support branch and watched as Jewel began tending to unseen eaglet(s):

Jewel tore at the prey...

...and began feeding small morsels to an unseen eaglet:

After feeding the eaglet several limes, she continued to tear at the prey, turned her back to me and began feeding a probable second eaglet over to her right side:

When I departed she was still turned away and engaged in feeding. I think it unlikely that the eaglet changed position. As Phil observed yesterday, there appear to be at least two new eaglets. I'm sure that someone will catch sight of their heads very soon!