JAN 31 2016: Eagle sighted at Florida Turnpike & Extension

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JAN 31 2016: Eagle sighted at Florida Turnpike & Extension

I received this email from Billi Wagner. The exact location is at the link in her eBird report. We should be vigilant as there is a possibility of a nest in that area. Pineland Park has always struck me as a good spot for a nest because of all the native pines there.

Hi Ken- I was headed back from Miami to Vero Beach Sunday afternoon and saw an adult eagle perched on a very tall pole fixture where Calder Racetrack, the turnpike, and the turnpike extension all meet. Look at my checklist and click the map to see where I was. Where is your nest from there? Is there another nest at that Miramar Pineland park on the northwest side of that intersection (shows up as a green area on the map)? That eagle must be fishing in a lake at the racetrack or something.


My reply:

Hi, Billi--

The nearest nest that I know about is the one in Palm Springs North, just southeast of I-75 and the Turnpike Extension at NW 87 Ave & NW 181 St. This is about 6 miles WSW from your location. The Pembroke Pines nest is just a bit further, to the WNW.  I will post your sighting because others have reported eagles near the turnpike Extension and Red Road as well as Flamingo & Turnpike Extension area.