JULY 22: Older eaglet in west Miramar

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JULY 22: Older eaglet in west Miramar

At about 7:00 AM on July 22 I spotted an immature Bald Eagle atop an abandoned power pole about 1/4 mile away/400 meters (per Google Earth) in the wetlands of west Miramar. It was not a juvenile but rather appeared to be a second year bird or possibly even a two year old (third year) one, although I would have expected to see more white on its head if this were the case. It had much more extensive white on its body and underwing linings than a first year juvenile. It also appeared to have some yellow in its bill. The photos are poor because of the distance.  

I also saw adults on the mornings of July 16 and 17.

On July 16 at 6:33 AM and then at 6:42 AM two adults flew over from the direction of the Pembroke Pines nest (about 1 1/2 mile to the NE). The male (Pride) appeared first:

Jewel was noticeably larger and heavier:

At 7:05 AM on July 17, Jewel appeared and flew low over my head. Problem was that I did not see her until she was flying away across the lake. She then roosted in a snag on the opposite shore quite far away.