JUNE 14-JULY 5: Twelve Bald Eagle sightings in west Miramar

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JUNE 14-JULY 5: Twelve Bald Eagle sightings in west Miramar

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Over the past 12 days I have seen Bald Eagles flying around sunrise seven times. All were following the same general course, towards the southeast in the direction of the large (Lighthouse Island) lake in Sunset Lakes subdivision. My position is about 1 1/2 miles SE of the Pembroke Pines nest. On June 24, two eagles were seen rather separately but on the same course. However, two flew together on June 23 and I could not determine the age of either as they were too far away in poor light.

All others, which I could see clearly, were adults with the exception of this morning, when a juvenile flew over rather close to the horizon. It is identified as a first year bird by its overall dark color with some white feathers in its axillary area ("wing-pits") and the underwing linings. This bird had very broad wings with bulging secondaries, meaning that it is has recently fledged and is expected to retain its longer juvenile feathers until it begins to molt after it is over one year old.

My photos were poor but are included here "for the record."

ADDENDUM: Sightings have continued, following the same pattern, single adults seen just after sunrise, on June 27, 30 and July 2nd and  4th. On July 5th, two adults were encountered, the male at 6:50 AM and the larger female at 7:01 AM. Both were flying towards the large lake in Sunset Lakes subdivision. The male appeared to be carrying something in his talons.

This was undoubtedly a male, judging by more compact size, presumed to be Pride from the Pembroke Pines Nest. He appeared to be carrying a small item in his talons:

I only obtained photos of the female (Jewel) as she flew away from me, but it was definitely a larger bird with more imposing wing span and larger abdomen: