JUNE 21: Both eaglets roosting on nest tree

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JUNE 21: Both eaglets roosting on nest tree

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Both Pembroke Pines Bald Eaglets (Nest BO02) celebrated the first day of Summer by sitting for their portraits this morning. They are about 14 weeks (100 days) old and soon will stop hanging around the nest to be fed by ever less-doting parents.

These are the 24th and 25th eaglets known to have hatched from this nest-- we call them P Piney 24 and 25. We are quite sure of their genders. All are the children of one father, "Pride." A great way to celebrate Father's Day!

The female was first-hatched and as is the case with all Bald Eagles, the female is larger than the male at all stages of life. Indeed, since juvenile eagles' wing and tail feathers are longer than those of adults, she even appears larger than Jewel, the female adult. Females also have larger bills with a deeper gape (corner of mouth) which usually extends past the center of the eye, a more pronounced brow ridge, and also a larger hind toe (hallux) than male.

Female Eaglet: P Piney 24

These individuals also happen to differ in their plumage-- the male is overall darker and has less white streaking on his chin and upper neck and breast. These are individual variations.

Male Eaglet: P Piney 25:

He has been pestered by two Blue Jays which may have a nest nearby (or just enjoy harassing him!):

Nest damage evident-- the front rim has been disrupted as well as the right side of the nest. This is expected every summer and the eagles respond by renovating when they start breeding season in late September or early October. We call it "Nestoration:"

This Pileated Woodpecker was a "Bonus Bird" in front of the nest this morning: