JUNE 7-8:Both eaglets in nest

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JUNE 7-8:Both eaglets in nest

Phil Martin obtained this photo  of Pride with both eaglets on June 7. The male eaglet was at the front of the nest doing a lot of calling. There is some concern about the health of the male eaglet: "He has been listless and spending much time lying low in the nest. Phil said "He was holding his wing in an odd position. I'm beginning to think he hurt himself trying to fly."

Phil's photo (JUNE 7):

Earlier that day I found both eaglets resting almost out of sight. The male eaglet raised his head a couple of times but his sister stayed down the entire 40 minutes as I watched the nest:

This morning (JUNE 8) at 6:42 AM, about 14 minutes after sunrise, an adult flew over west Miramar from the direction of the nest towards Sunset Lakes. I think it was Pride, based upon the disruption of some of the feathers on his left wingtip: