July 10 & 11: Both eaglets and then both adults present

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July 10 & 11: Both eaglets and then both adults present

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On July 10 I  watched for about 50 minutes beginning at 7:40 AM. The male eaglet was perched on the nest support branch only about 5 feet from the nest. He was nearly out of sight behind the large branch. He remained there the entire time of observation, calling infrequently. After almost 20 minutes I heard the call of the female rather close by to the east. I searched for it and could not find it at first. Then I noticed Blue Jays were approaching the area and they were mobbing the eaglet, which was roosting very high in a pine about 40 yards east of the nest, almost over the sidewalk. Obtained photos of both. No adults were seen.

Male Eaglet:

Female Eaglet with Blue Jay:

Phil Martin visited the nest on July 11 and provided a nice photo of both adults. He wrote:

Hi Ken,
I was at the nest today at approximately 11:00, just as the rain stopped. I did not see the Eaglets at the nest, however, both adults were perched on corner of 208th & Pines Blvd    .

Phil also obtained a nice photo of the female eaglet on July 10: