July 22-28: Both adults and eaglets present irregularly

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July 22-28: Both adults and eaglets present irregularly

Phil Martin provided me with his observations over the past few days. He writes:

7/22. 10:55 No activity at the nest.

7/23. 10:51. The male Eaglet was perched on the tree at 208. He appeared to still have an issue with his right eye as he did not open it the entire time I was there.

7/24. 12:55. There was no activity at the nest however, I could hear one of the Eaglets calling in the distance, but could not locate it.

 7/25. 10:51 the female adult brought a fish for Pride as he was waiting on the nest. She perched above the nest while Pride ate. The male Eaglet came by and was encouraged to depart the area, which he did.

7/26. 9:55 No activity at the nest

7/27.  10:57. Pride was perched above the nest

7/28.  11:05. No activity at the nest.  

on 7/28 from 8:00 - 8:30  AM I also found no eaglets or adults

on 7/27 an adult which I am quite certain was Jewel flew over the west Miramar wetlands from the direction of the nest about 5 minutes before sunrise. I obtained this poor photo:  

on 7/29 Bernardo Garcia found and photographed the female eaglet and the adult female at the nest at 7:00 PM. He posted the photos on the NextDoor app.

on 7/30 an adult which I could not identify followed the same route over west Miramr from the nest to the large lake in Sunset Lakes at 8:31, which is 10 minutes before sunrise. No photo obtained.

Here are Phil's photos: