June 13: Found only one eaglet, flying

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June 13: Found only one eaglet, flying

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I visited the nest for 45 minutes from about 8:00 AM yesterday morning (June 13). One eaglet, which I am quite certain was the male (based upon relative lack of white markings on chin and neck/upper breast as well as less extension of the gape under its eye) was barely visible, roosting over to the left (east) of the nest:

He was calling incessantly. I hoped to hear his sibling answer but never did. He flew in between the branches and moved about quite a bit before twice launching into brief flights-- once in a circle over Pines Boulevard and then south at 208th Ave. H was flying so low that I could not fit him into my lens:

I never saw either adult nor the other eaglet.

When I departed he was perched on the nest:

I received an interesting question from Susan--

I feel a bit concerned that it seems to be taking the Male eaglet so long to Fly the coop, so to speak...
Is this a real concern or is that just more common with male birds?
Thank you

Good question, Susan!

Unlike most other bird species, the young eagles return to the nest after they learn to fly. The parents attract them back by depositing prey in the nest. This is a more effective way of protecting and feeding them as they gain hunting skills, especially if there is more than one youngster. They may continue returning to the nest for 4-6 weeks or even longer (Average at this nest was 43 days).

Check out the summaries and spreadsheet links at top of on the FORUM pages-- click this link and then scroll up the page:


Hopefully the female eaglet is OK and we will keep looking for her to return to the nest. They will accompany their parents as they learn to catch prey on their own.