June 13 & 14: Both eaglets and adults present

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June 13 & 14: Both eaglets and adults present

Phillip Martin obtained some nice photos at the nest. He writes (June 14):

All good news. Yesterday (June13) the Male Eaglet put on a short air show. He flew from the nest over Pines Blvd. and to a perch on a tree to the east of the nest. After a while he made another loop and returned to the nest, all while his sister was watching. Of course, I wasn’t quick enough to get flight pictures but here is a pick of each of the perching.

Luis was at the nest around noon and both Pride and the adult female were there. I haven’t seen her in several weeks.

I was at the nest today, Sunday at 11:00 only the male Eaglet was there on the perch above the nest.