MAR 24: No access to newly reported possible nest

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MAR 24: No access to newly reported possible nest

So far it has been impossible to confirm the existence and status of a possible Bald Eagle nest located in the community of Andover in Miami Gardens, Miami-Dade County,  about 1.6 miles ENE of Hard Rock Stadium. it is on private land and is inaccessible without permission of owners.

Perhaps Florida FWCC may be able to gain access with cooperation of local law enforcement officials, as an active nest, if one indeed exists at this site, may be subject to planned disturbance which could place the developer in legal jeopardy.

For what it is worth, eBird data shows no concentration of Bald Eagle sightings in the general area during the past ten years including the present breeding season. However, sightings may be infrequent and casual. Our own experience with known nests indicate that this bird may be  greatly overlooked and under-reported by birders who submit trip lists to eBird.

Keat Ooi reported to us and to Audubon EagleWatch Program manager Shawnlei Breeding (MAR 24):

Good morning Ken and Shawnlei,

We tried to check out the new nest in Miami by Turnpike based on your link below but unfortunately, the area is a gated community

From 441: On NW 207th St entrance, there's a guard house.  On NW204 Terrace there's an arm blocking entrance. As far as we can tell, there's no other way to get in there.