MAR 25: Both Eaglets low in nest

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MAR 25: Both Eaglets low in nest

I arrived at the nest at about 9:05 AM and watched for 45 minutes. For the first 15-20 minutes I saw no sign of activity and no eaglets or adults were visible. I was alarmed and called Phil, who had been out there the day before. He said both were OK and flapping their wings. No branching has been observed to date.

So, I waited patiently and only a few minutes later, one, then another head appeared over the nest rim. Both eaglets had white feathers sticking to their bills, so they must have been resting or sleeping after a good meal.

These were the best shots I could muster. Neither adult appeared while I watched. The male, P Piney 21 is on the right:

P Piney 21 & 22-- Note the feathers sticking to both of the eaglets' beaks: