MAR 9: Flapping wings

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MAR 9: Flapping wings

I had just missed seeing a feeding when I arrived at the nest around 9:30 AM. Luis had seen the male (Pride) fly in with a heron and saw the eaglets being fed. The male eaglet (P Piney 2) appeared to be picking at the prey over at the left side of the nest, but I did no see any food in his mouth.

The female (Jewel) was roosting on the nest support branch to the right.

The older eaglet flapped her wings and showed how the feathers had grown since my last photo.

The older eaglet (P Piney 21)  is on the right. Note how far the corner of her beak (gape) extends under her eye.

So far both eaglets have been flapping, but have not been any reports of "helicoptering" (lofting into the air) or branching (walking out of the nest on branches) which are usually observed during the week or so before the eaglets fledge.