MAY 30: Both eaglets on nest

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MAY 30: Both eaglets on nest

I checked the nest at 9:20 this morning and found Luis and Danny there. No adults had been present and the male eaglet was very quiet deep in the nest. They had been watching during the past hour or more. They found the newly fledged female eaglet roosting in a tree quite close to the nest, just to the right and very near the sidewalk in front of the nest:

Mockingbirds were attacking the eaglet, even striking her in the head:

The male eaglet was barely visible. He flapped his wings a couple of times but mostly was resting down low. Here part of his head and tail are visible behind the support branch:

Earlier this morning at 6:40 AM, just 10 minutes after sunrise, I saw the adult male (Pride) fly over west Miramar from the direction of the nest towards the large lake in Sunset Lakes subdivision:

After about a half hour I departed. Philip Martin texted me, saying he got there at 10:45 AM and Pride was on the nest eating a prey item along with the male eaglet. Phil related: "Within a minute there was lots of calling. ... From the north, the female eaglet flew into the nest...  She chased Pride out of the nest and chased the male eaglet from the food and began eating. Pride circled around and returned to the nest at a high perch. The male eaglet perched just above the nest while the female eaglet continued eating... Her flying looked really good as did her landing."