March 12 - Eaglet doing fine but no adults seen

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March 12 - Eaglet doing fine but no adults seen

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We visited the local bald Eagle nest at around 9:00 AM observing for a half hour. No adults were present, and the eaglet showed itself briefly after about 15 minutes, although it called out rather frequently. It was possibly tearing at prey that was in the nest, but then settled down after flapping its wings a bit.

Its flight feathers are growing quite rapidly.

As we stood in the parkway median, a Palm Warbler perched on the hedge only about 10 feet away, and a squirrel walked the wire in front of the nest.

After a walk at Chapel Trail Nature Center, we returned around 11:00 AM with Larry and Joy, from Virginia. This time the eaglet remained out of sight, and no adults showed up. The Sandhill Crane showed up at Chapel Trail-- we had not seen it for about a month and were worried about its welfare. It crossed from the north to the south side of Sheridan Road while we walked the boardwalk.