May 12 and 13: Female eaglet "helicoptering"

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May 12 and 13: Female eaglet "helicoptering"

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This morning, May 13 2020 at 6:34 AM, which was 2 minutes before sunrise, an adult eagle flew over the wetlands of west Miramar, about 1 1/2 miles SE of the nest. The short slender shape suggests it is the male, Pride. Pride has shown some sign of molting or possible feather damage to the his left wingtip, but this is not clearly evident in this view. Note that (not counting the short alula or "thumb" feathers which are not clearly visible in this photo) the outermost feather is short, which is probably normal, the third feather from the tip may be missing and the next one is being replaced. This fits the pattern for Pride's left wing. Pride also has a dark outer tail feather which is not apparent.

Only a little later, Phil Martin made this observation at the nest and obtained two dynamic photos of the larger female eaglet. Our records at this nest over the years have included seven accounts of the eaglets' ages when first seen "helicoptering" (hovering briefly over the nest) The median age was 71 days and the average was 73 days (range 60-80 days of age). This eaglet is estimated to now be 60 days old  --

May 13, 2020: I was at the nest at 8:06 this morning. The male Eaglet was sleeping, however, the female was standing on the nest. She was flapping her wings and “helicoptering” for about a minute than proceeded to lay down.

The previous day Phil wrote (MAY 12, 2020): I was at the nest a few minutes before noon and observed both Eaglets laying in the front of the nest. After a few minutes, Pride flew in from the north with prey for lunch. The Eaglets are while Pride perched above the nest for a couple minutes and departed to the East. Pride did appear not to be hindered in his flight due to the missing feathers.