May 26: Both Eaglets at nest; no female adult (Jewel) past month

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May 26: Both Eaglets at nest; no female adult (Jewel) past month

I checked the nest around 9:00 AM on Saturday, May 25 and found no eagles at all. Neighbors in Pembroke Pines have seen both adults and one immature eagle on their lakes. There have been a number of fish die-offs, possibly due to water conditions, and they provide a feeding opportunity for eagles and vultures.

A resident of Pembroke Springs, a development about a mile east of the nest, posted a photo of one of the eaglets struggling to lift a large fish. She wrote on the "Next Door" app, on May 25: There was a baby and both parents in the back yard in the a.m., watched the babe try to eat a peacock bass it caught. It became almost comedic as he could not fly away with it, it may have been too big? Now there are turkey vultures around our part of the lake/shore because there are 4 dead fish on the shoreline.

On Sunday, Phil Martin got some nice photos, which remain the property of Philip Martin and are used with his permission. He writes (May 27):

Hi Ken,
I was at the nest this morning at 11:00 and did not see any activity.

Yesterday I was at the nest at approximately 4:30 and both Eaglets were in the area of the nest, perching on various trees, ending up with the female on the nest and the male below and to the east of the nest.

In the past few weeks, I have observed the Eaglets in the nest area at various times. Occasionally seeing Pride bring food for them to the nest. I have not seen the Adult Female in approximately one month.