May 26: One eaglet on nest and fledgling calling unseen

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May 26: One eaglet on nest and fledgling calling unseen

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I arrived at the nest a little before 7:00 AM this morning (May 26) and watched for about 1 1/2 hours. Stopped by to check on the welfare of the eaglets. One of them had fledged five days ago on May 21. I found one on the nest which appeared to be the male based on the plumage of the head and dark chin area along with the gape and good looks at feet which showed that hallux was not longer than third toe.

He was roosting on the nest support branch and actually flew back-and-forth between the nest and the branch --rather, hopped and flapped. After a little while, the eaglet in the nest called and another answered. At first the second eaglet sounded as if farther away and slightly to the left (east) of the nest. Then it moved much closer to my position along the roadway, to the east and close to the edge of the woodland. I could not see her. I have recordings of both calls. The fact that the second Eaglet is moving is hopefully a good sign that she is able to fly and probably will return to the nest for feeding. Did not see any adults.

Eaglet alone on nest:

Eaglet flapping, exercising wings:

Note that the hind toe (hallux) and toenail are not longer than the third (middle front) toe. The female has a longer hallux.

The heavy rains had flooded the sidewalk and an extensive area in front of the nest. It was very difficult to get a clear view of the nest.

This gentleman was riding his bike through the  foot-deep water:

Phil Martin visited later in the morning, heard the second eaglet calling quite close by but again did not see her.  Phil got a better photo of the eaglet flapping his wings. He said the eaglet "was really jumping around the nest. I believe when he  heard her calling he got off the perch and became very active."