May 5 - May 9: Eaglet on branch

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May 5 - May 9: Eaglet on branch

Phil Martin has been monitoring the nest closely and has gotten some good photos. It is quite difficult to get a good view of the nest. So far this week I have only seen the eaglets, unattended, although Pride has appeared over west Miramar several times around sunrise, very likely heading to forage in the large lake in Sunset Lakes.

Phil reports that the larger female eaglet (P Piney 24) was roosting on a branch in the nest. True "branching" out on the limbs should soon begin. This usually  is followed by the first free flight within a week or so. His observations follow, latest first:

May 9 2020

I stopped by the nest at noon today both Eaglets were active on the nest, flapping their wings. As soon as I set up to take photos, they stopped and the male went to nap on the west side of the nest. The female remained standing on a branch on the east side of the nest.

May 7, 2020

I was at the nest this morning at 11:00. Pride was perching over the nest. It was difficult to determine, but, his wing did not appear to be drooping today. When he did shake his wings, I can see where he is missing feathers. He was watching over the Eaglets as they slept.

May 6 2020:

I was reviewing my photos from last evening. That was Pride on the high perch. Notice his left wing, his problem is more than just missing feathers. I suspect he was in a fight. I think we want to keep our eye out for him. He was also “hacking” but didn’t appear to be trying to regurgitate a pellet.

I was at the nest this morning at 7:55, the Eaglets were sleeping. The male popped his head up for a second.

May 5 2020

I stopped by the nest tonight at approximately 6 pm. The adult female was on the high perch above the nest and the female Eaglet was in the east corner of the nest. The other Eaglet was flopping around as if sleeping.